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Sep 28, 2012 11:00pm EDT
to fund health-care costs for future retirees. the postal service has been seekiig legislation to end saturdaaymmil delivery and reduue spending for future rettree obllgations. hhwever, congress has left town untii aftee the novembee yeeterday was aabad day for a supporter of mitt romney ggorgia admits he was parkedd illegaaly......buttits what he heard the enforcement officer sayy.....that has him upset. iq: i heard her say..oq: aasslutelyy.. i was shocked shockedthe driver says he'll ay the ticket... ...butt wants an apology its also a bad day for apple... ceo tim cook issued a rare public apology. pook says apple strives to "fell shhot on this peplace google maps with its own map application. buu customers have complained about landmarks eing misplaced, given he wrong name or not shhwing up at all. appll hassasked for customers' pptience while they sort out the app. ook even gave a purprising alternative -- reccmmendee using otherrapps including ggogle. these are áárratá days or orrolls are on theeverge of post eeson play for the first time in 15 years
Sep 26, 2012 11:00pm EDT
filed bankruptcy in may...thier unemployment and healthcare benefits remainn uncertain... 3 yeah its tough tough mentally because got responsibilites to your family its hard to keep up so we got o do whatever we by...o do to get by....- these aae peeple that have donated to the food bank for years and not they are elying on us... us... other istributionssare planned throughout the fall to help families as thee search the holiday seeson... 3 it's a realll bad day for bacon lovers. according britain's... &p"national pig assooiation"... says.... a... woolddide shortage... sunavoidable. unaaoidable.the... summer's rought ... is... parttally to blame... / farmers ...with less corn... and... soybean ... to... feed the animals...//.tte... number of slaughtered pigs.../ could drop... by... &t doubling... the... price of pork next year. a bad day for political travel and president obama. obama.horrible weather over with the president andd reporrers onboard tt abort a llnding.the jumbo jet ripped through clouds and circled the airport for a second atte
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2